Here we only list publications related to the activities of the lab. For other publications of the lab members you can consult their personal pages.


Discursive construction of migrant otherness on Facebook: A distributional semantics approach
Victoria Yantseva, Davide Vega, Matteo Magnani
Plos ONE, Vol. 18(11), 2023

Discursive construction of migrant otherness on Facebook: A distributional semantics approach
Victoria Yantseva
Discourse & Society, Vol. 34(2), 2023

Modularity-based selection of the number of slices in temporal network clustering
Patrik Seiron, Axal Lindegren, Matteo Magnani, Christian Rohner, Tsuyoshi Murata, Petter Holme

Metrics for temporal text networks
Davide Vega, Matteo Magnani


Stance Classification of Social Media Texts for Under-Resourced Scenarios in Social Sciences
Victoria Yantseva, Kostiantyn Kucher
Data, Vol. 7(11), 2022

Robustness and sensitivity of network-based topic detection
Carla Galluccio, Matteo Magnani, Davide Vega, Giancarlo Ragozini, Alessandra Petrucci
In: The 11th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications, 2022


Defining and measuring probabilistic ego networks
Amin Kaveh, Matteo Magnani, and Christian Rohner
Social Network Analysis and Mining, Vol. 11, 2021

Probabilistic network sparsification with ego betweenness
Amin Kaveh, Matteo Magnani, and Christian Rohner
Applied Network Science, Vol. 6, 2021

Analysis of Multiplex Social Networks with R
Matteo Magnani, Luca Rossi, and Davide Vega
Journal of Statistical Software, Vol. 98(8), 2021

Community Detection in Multiplex Networks
Matteo Magnani, Obaida Hanteer, Roberto Interdonato, Luca Rossi, and Andrea Tagarelli
ACM Computing Surveys, Vol. 54(3), 2021

On the conditions for integrating deep learning into the study of visual politics
Matteo Magnani and Alexandra Segerberg
In: 13th ACM Web Science Conference (WebSci), 2021


Unspoken Assumptions in Multi-layer Modularity maximization
Obaida Hanteer and Matteo Magnani
Scientific Reports, Vol. 10(1), 2020

Multilayer network simplification: Approaches, models and methods
Roberto Interdonato, Matteo Magnani, Diego Perna, Andrea Tagarelli, and Davide Vega
Computer Science Review, Vol. 36, 2020

A Twitter-Based Study of the European Internet of Things
Ustek-Spilda, Davide Vega, Matteo Magnani, Luca Rossi, Irina Shklovski, Sebastian Lehuede, and Alison Powell
Information Systems Frontiers, Vol. 23(1), 2020


Comparing node degrees in probabilistic networks
Amin Kaveh, Matteo Magnani, and Christian Rohner
Journal of Complex Networks, Vol. 7(5), 2019

Local measures for probabilistic networks
Amin Kaveh
Licentiate thesis, IT licentiate theses / Uppsala University, Department of Information Technology, 2019

An Analysis of the Consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation on Social Network Research
Andreas Kotsios, Matteo Magnani, Davide Vega, Luca Rossi, and Irina Shklovski
ACM Transactions on Social Computing, Vol. 2(3), 2019

Metrics for Temporal Text Networks
Davide Vega and Matteo Magnani
Chapter in: Temporal Network Theory, 2019


Quantifying layer similarity in multiplex networks: a systematic study
Piotr Brodka, Anna Chmiel, Matteo Magnani, and Giancarlo Ragozini
Royal Society Open Science, Vol. 5(8), 2018

A generalized force-directed layout for multiplex sociograms
Zahra Fatemi, Matteo Magnani, and Mostafa Salehi
In: 10th International Conference (SocInfo), 2018

From Interaction to Participation: The Role of the Imagined Audience in Social Media Community Detection and an Application to Political Communication on Twitter
Obaida Hanteer, Luca Rossi, Davide Vega, and Matteo Magnani
In: IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM), 2018

Partial and Overlapping Community Detection in Multiplex Social Networks
Nazanin Afsarmanesh Tehrani and Matteo Magnani
In: 10th International Conference on Social Informatics (SocInfo2018), 2018

Foundations of Temporal Text Networks
Davide Vega and Matteo Magnani
Applied Network Science, Vol. 3(25), 2018


A Join Operator for Property Graphs
Giacomo Bergami, Matteo Magnani, and Danilo Montesi
In: EDBT/ICDT Workshops, 2017

Shortest Paths in Multiplex Networks
Saeed Ghariblou, Mostafa Salehi, Matteo Magnani, and Mahdi Jalili
Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, 2017